This site was built by Democracy Club in partnership with London First.

The data comes from the number of registered voters in each London Borough compared against ward-level ONS population data.

The base images for the graphics come from geograph.co.uk.

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Democracy Club is a non-partisan, not-for-profit community interest company dedicated to using technology to make democracy work better for everyone. Our vision is of a society in which democracy thrives through knowledge, participation and openness.

This can only happen if people’s experience of democracy reflects their expectations of 21st century interaction.

To find out more about what Democracy Club is trying to achieve, read this blog post.

London First is a not-for-profit organisation, entirely funded by its members. it’s mission is to make London the best city in the world to do business. London First aims to influence national and local government policies and investment decisions to support London’s global competitiveness.

London First is registered with the Electoral Commission to campaign for a Remain result in the EU Referendum, but is partnering with Democracy Club on a purely non-partisan basis to encourage Londoners to register to vote. Visit London First’s website to learn more.